On the first stage there is, as a rule, a technical certificate of the accommodation. But it often happens that some of the documents are absent.

Sometimes it also turns out that the schemes in possession of the potential customer differ from reality. Anyway, it is necessary to see the accommodation first in order to find out where the bearing walls, uprises and electricity connections are, what the height of ceiling is, etc. After getting the first impression, we perform several alternative designs. It is the basics of the whole project and the possibility to estimate any company, its level and potential.

The cost is not more than 15000 rub, which will give you the opportunity to understand the level of our work and how our company is different from all the others. Should you trust us with your future accommodation? Your house, apartment or office is your life – the place, where you are going to spend most of time; where your children will grow; where you should feel most comfortable.

Re-planning options might certainly be reconsidered and changed after more thorough review. If you are satisfied with the offered options and with our approach to work, then we make a deal.

After one or two weeks we present to you the design project.

Some photos of this apartment (number in a circle shows the viewpoint)


Viewpoint 1

Viewpoint 2

Viewpoint 3

Viewpoint 4

Viewpoint 5

While working on the project of an individual house, it is necessary to consider the soil structure, design features and your wishes on the materials.

We start with front face design of the future house.

The brief of the project is practically the same in all companies. We give you a brief example of project, just so you understand what the project is needed for. You can see more briefs and ready objects at our office.

Projects from different companies vary in prices, quality of work, levels of architects and their approach to the work. It is not always necessary that the most expensive project is the best, and not every architect from the ad in the magazine is better than the one you don’t know. If you get his creative ideas and like the options he offers you, the desire to work with him will appear itself.

To see your future accommodation before beginning of any works, it is possible to order so called visualization. Then there will be furniture, curtains, coverings, doors and other interior elements in the project. This is not cheap, though. Depending on the complexity, the price starts from 10000 rub (2-3 pictures from different angles). The complexity is defined by the set of the elements, quantity of surfaces, lights, etc.

3D offer Real photo

3D offer Real photo

3D offer Real photo

3D offer Real photo

3D offer Real photo

3D offer Real photo

3D offer Real photo

3D offer Real photo

3D offer Real photo


It often happens that visualization pictures differ from the real ones, because the working process may face the following:

  1. impossible to find chosen materials as they are not produced any more or out of stock;
  2. 2. the customer changed his mind, liked different material, etc.

n order for you to calculate your expenses, we make a list of finishing material that you choose together with the architect. There are all materials in this list: parquet, tile, lights, wallpapers, decorative coverings, plumbing fixtures, etc. These materials are often picked in the process of construction or renovation.

So, having the project, you will get the idea of your future object and most of the expenses.