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Apartment renovation with a high level of quality and responsibility

The company "SuperDom" has been successfully working at the premium segment of the repair construction market for more than 15 years. There are around 500 projects realized during this period, including apartments, homes, offices, public premises.

Working with us, you don’t have any risks. We are very well aware of how to relieve the customer from unnecessary troubles as the majority of our projects starts, as we call it, "in concrete" and is finished "key ready".

We do not use team-based approach in our work. All our specialists are sector-specific with a lot of experience in their areas.

We can always show our potential customers the objects we are working on in their different stages of completion and in direct opposite design fulfilments. You yourself will be able to estimate the quality of works, materials, level of workmanship of our engineers and technicians.

Deciding to cooperate with “SuperDom”, you will have the chance to meet new interesting people. All the problems we solve operatively, loyally and creatively.

Nowadays, more and more people, who plan exclusive renovations and engage professional designers and constructors, tend to avoid not only traditional classic reminiscences in their vip-projects, but also blind following of ultra-modern high-tech style or insentient minimalism. There is no doubt, that in every case the submersion into this or that style is individually discussed with the customer. However, more and more often while working on the project, especially in the case of elite house or apartment renovation, customers choose neat and functional interiors with the elements of décor, that help to create the atmosphere of simplicity and homeliness.

The effect is mostly achieved by the correct color palette of the upcoming exclusive interior design project. One of the possible solutions is the absence of “cold” tones or their restricted usage (e.g. in the bathroom design). Natural colors, such as light-beige, peachy, terra-cotta, chocolate, always look good as they can often be met in the wild life. They all can be successfully used in vip-design of a room or the whole apartment without any risk of floridness or excessiveness.

Even one of the most popular nowadays ecological style, which is preferred as basic for renovations of exclusive quality, uses this exact natural color palette.

Modern world is overflown with a lot of objects of unnatural colors. That is why when a person comes home in the evening, he mostly wants to have some rest in the quiet atmosphere of visual pureness.

While planning vip interior design, it is very important to choose genuine constructional and decoration materials, textile and furniture of high quality. Curtains and upholsteries must be made of genuine fiber, and furniture – from veneer MDF, as an example. For the floor the choice can be made between genuine parquet plank or laminated material. It should always be remembered that floors of light colors give the interior an additional pitch of elitism and show high social rank of the house owner.

Doors and particle board furniture can be implemented in dark colors. The “massiveness” of the interior in this case is eliminated by adding light toned glass elements into the doors. Besides, the combination of light walls and dark furniture gives an unusual effect of “levitation”. For its smoothening and the whole interior harmonization, pointing out its ordinance, we can use dark overhead decorative borders or ceiling beams (which is more a characteristic of a house), dark bordering of the doorways, mirrors and etc. It should also be noticed that framing the mirrors, which is normally used for paintings, gives the room more fineness and elegance.

Additionally, using the combination of dark and light colors and horizontal and vertical elements, adds some dynamic to the premises.

In large apartments public area can be outlined, which will include a hall, a corridor, a sitting room and a dining room (if applicable). In this case it is possible to skip the doors and place them in the rest of the rooms. The atmosphere of comfort is maintained by means of the unity of open spaces.

Exclusive design integrity is also emphasized with the help of the lights – chandeliers, spotlights, wall-luminaires, etc. Made in the same style, they will define the energy of the room and encourage the natural circulation of light and energy powers.

A nursery room should become a place with a rave of colors. This room gives the opportunity to combine the variety of colors and shades even in the elite interior. But in order not to overload the interior with too many details, floor, walls and ceiling might be made in light and natural colors. In this case varicolored overhead border, bright curtains and textile, colored furniture, poufs, rugs and of course toys will become the elements décor and exclusive design.